Best gift-giving practices, tried and true


How to give Cutco

Steal This Script
What to tell your client when giving . . .

Steat Script

Does this really work? Yes

This script has won a ton of business and creates a huge WOW response. Clients who have been giving their gift with a similar script have been getting phenomenal results. Make sure you are maximizing the value you receive too!

Gift Giving Script

Watch & learn: Deliver the gift script like a pro

Of course, scripts are best when they’re MEMORIZED — and then “made your own.”

Watch and learn in this example to see the fundamentals of the above script personalized.

Please feel free to call us for coaching or any other questions.

Personalize your thank you with this gift letter
Cut, copy & customize. Supercharge your gift-giving

Gift Letters

Can i customize mine? Yes

We created a tool that has supported a big WOW response from your clients. This letter is designed for your client to read before they open their CUTCO gift and is personalized with your information. Click the link to view simple, customizable letters that correspond to your gift — print on fancy letter head and sign it for bonus points!

Gift Letters

Knives so sharp, they gotta wear sheaths
For safety, gifts now ship with protective covers

Cover Image

You might have noticed the change already. All gifts now ship with protective and sturdy cardboard sheaths to protect the knives during transit and ensure your clients have the best experience. Just a heads up!