Sharpen & repair knives

  • Request Service

    Send a note describing what you’re sending. Include your address and phone number.

    Be sure to take a photo of your items prior to sending them for repair.

  • Package & Ship

    Send the knives to Cutco. Be sure to follow directions below on how to package your knives.

    Use cardboard leftover cereal boxes to wrap up the cutlery for shipping.

  • Receive The Knives

    Your completed cutlery package should arrive at your home or office within 1 to 2 weeks.

    Be sure to use an appropriate daytime address and phone number for delivery.

How much does sharpening cost?

Sharpening your knives is free. If you choose to send your knives for factory sharpening, there is a return shipping fee to ship items back to you
Item Quantity Return Shipping Fee
1-10 products $9
11-25 products $11
26-40 products $13

There is a limit of 40 products per service order.

How do i package the knives?

For the safety of everyone who will handle your shipment, please package your knives carefully.
  • Please make sure to clean your knives thoroughly.
  • Do not use padded envelopes.
  • Avoid using tape directly on the blades and handles. Cover the entire blade with cardboard.
  • Place your knives in a cardboard box with extra packing material to keep them secure.
  • Cardboard from cereal boxes works well.

Where do i send the package?
Please package up your knives, attach a check and your letter, then ship to the address.

Cutco Cutlery
322 Houghton Avenue
Olean, NY 14760