Generate referrals with cutco

We put a system in place for you, turning your gifts into long-term branding opportunities. We help you achieve the results you deserve and retain your clients for life!
  • Dawn Krause, The Dawn & Mike Krause Team

    Keller Williams Realty | St. Louis, MO

    “I have been using CUTCO products as closing gifts for several years, and the response from my clients is one of great appreciation and awe. The knives look so beautiful, and my clients can’t believe I am giving them such an awesome gift! I used to give gift certificates to a local restaurant and realized long ago that a gift certificate is used up very quickly and never thought of again. My branded CUTCO products are there for life!”

  • John Family

    The Johns Family Team | Florida, USA

    One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my business was focusing on all the new business and not paying attention to the people who already know, like, and trust me . . . I had no systems in place for thanking clients. What we feel is the best strategy for doing that is making sure you give something that has meaning and long-term value. We use Cutco for that, it lasts a lifetime. It’s the best way we have found to maximize the relationship with our clients.

  • Rob Hill Broker

    Rob Group | St. Louis, MO

    I control all the knives in my office. If you’re my buyer agent and you sold a property and your people moved in, I will give you a knife. But you cannot mail it. You have to take it over to the client’s home and say, “gosh your house looks great — do you mind if I contact you from time to time? Do you know anyone who is interested in buying or selling?” You can give your client the knife if you promise you’re going to ask for a referral . . . It’s the perfect closing gift.

  • The Holt Team

    The Holt Team and Group | Ohio, USA

    I use Cutco for every one of my closings. The knives are super high-quality (I use them in my home) and my clients absolutely rave about them. They stick around with clients for 365 days a year and are engraved with my name so clients can’t get rid of me. Go out and start making a WOW impression on your customers by using Cutco closing gifts today!